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  • Mains independent, no cabling or mains connection required
    The solar pole photovoltaic light tower is the perfect solution for off-grid locations where no other lighting infrastructure is in place or where replacement is pending. Off-grid means no wiring or grid connection is required, making the solar pole really practical. The fact that there is no need to dig trenches has many advantages, as the neighborhood is not disturbed when the solar mast is installed. In addition, the floor remains intact because no wiring is required. Other advantages include faster installation, no electricity bills and independence from the grid. The solar masts can also be installed off-grid or as a hybrid light mast.
  • Patented cylindrical solar panels, no ingress of dust or moisture
    The cylindrical solar panels are a unique feature of the solar pole street light. The cylindrical shape allows for orientation-independent installation and captures sunlight from all directions, all day long. The panels are made exclusively from high-quality components. The result is a durable, weatherproof and UV resistant product that ensures the PV modules do not suffer from dust or moisture ingress.
  • Modular design, configurable to your needs
    Solarmast knows from experience that every project has specific needs: The exclusive solar mast photovoltaic light pole is a state-of-the-art total solution and a building block for intelligent city lighting. Its design allows you to customize the solar light tower according to your specific application. Solarmast is available in a range of standard heights (4, 5, 6 and 8 metres) but thanks to the modular design it can also be customized in larger quantities to suit your requirements. The mast material, colour, design and types of luminaires can also be adapted to suit your needs. Together we will find a suitable configuration that meets the requirements of your project.
  • Intelligent and efficient LED lighting
    The solar pole is an intelligent and sustainable lamp post thanks to the use of efficient LED lighting and dynamic dimming processes. Solar Pole PV Street Lights turn on automatically at sunset and turn off at sunrise. With the intelligent lighting scheme, the Soluxio solar light is able to adapt to the weather conditions, for example. An intelligent control and a highly efficient system guaranteed!
  • Wireless remote management and control
    The intelligent solar street light control system allows full control and monitoring of your solar poles, making it a perfect building block for smart city applications. Not only do you get insights into the performance data of your solar masts, you can also access and control the systems from anywhere in the world via the online platform. Convenient and efficient as you don't waste time physically checking that the solar mast is working. Monitoring street lights and building smart cities has never been easier.
  • Universal battery system, lithium compatible
    Solarmast works exclusively with high-end lithium batteries. There are many reasons why solar towers choose to work with lithium batteries instead of lead acid batteries. First of all, lithium has proven to be a highly reliable battery technology with a much better return on investment (ROI). Also, lithium batteries can tolerate high temperatures, while lead-acid batteries deteriorate in quality and performance in hot and cold climates. Since high temperatures shorten the life of batteries, lithium batteries are more advantageous in this case than e.g. B. Lead-acid batteries.
  • Luminaire independent design
    The solar masts are equipped with two standard lights. But it is also possible to supplement the solar masts with your own desired light model!
  • Low maintenance, high reliability
    The use of high-quality materials reduces maintenance to a minimum. The solar mast requires little maintenance because its construction and the materials used are of excellent quality. The solar mast installation in the desert is an excellent example of this. Even after years of installation, the solar masts have not been scratched and have survived several sand and dust storms. Thanks to the intelligent management platform, you also have access to clear insights into the performance of the solar light tower.
  • No emissions during operation, 100% renewable energy
    Sustainability is something that Solarmast attaches great importance to. When designing, manufacturing and delivering our products, we pay attention to environmental friendliness, because our priority is to create a better future with our solar lighting solutions. No emissions are generated throughout the lifetime of the light tower.
  • Bieten Sie Support für die Verwendung/Installation der Lichtmasten?
    Ja, wir bieten umfassenden Kundensupport, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie die Lichtmasten effektiv nutzen können. Wir stehen Ihnen bei Fragen oder Anliegen zur Verfügung, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie das Beste aus unseren Produkten herausholen.
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