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Mobile Küche auf LKW Anlieferung

Mobile kitchen containers

Mobile kitchen containers are revolutionizing the way you satisfy your culinary needs on the go. Our state-of-the-art containers are specifically designed to provide a premium cooking experience in flexible, modular units. Whether you need a mobile kitchen for a catering event, a construction site or a temporary dining solution, our kitchen containers allow you to cook comfortably and efficiently.



Decide to purchase our containers and benefit from efficient container units that meet your individual requirements. Rely on long-term quality and performance.



Use our kitchen containers for temporary projects and events without making a long-term commitment. Enjoy high-quality kitchens exactly when you need them, without making lengthy commitments.


Financial lease

Explore our flexible leasing options and secure immediate access to housing solutions without high initial investments. Get the spaces you need with financial flexibility and minimal risk.

Product description

Our mobile kitchen containers set new standards for culinary excellence, flexibility and efficiency. Designed for versatile applications, they are modular and can be seamlessly coupled together to meet your individual needs.

Powerful Connections: Our kitchen containers are equipped with an impressive 63A power connection, ensuring that you can easily operate all your electrical devices and cooking utensils. In addition, they have water connections and drainage systems that provide you with the necessary supplies for food preparation and easy cleaning.


Safety and hygiene: We take safety and hygiene extremely seriously. That's why our kitchen containers have an anti-slip base, which offers you secure footing even in hectic kitchen environments. They are designed according to HACCP guidelines and lined with precious metal to ensure the highest hygiene standards. Your kitchen always stays clean and safe.


Always up to date: We continually invest in the innovation of our kitchen containers to ensure that you always benefit from the latest developments in the mobile kitchen industry. With our products you are always at the cutting edge of technology and can present your culinary skills at the highest level.

Our mobile kitchen containers are not only an investment in your culinary future, but also in your convenience and efficiency. Discover the world of mobile cooking without compromising on quality or hygiene. Our kitchen containers are ready to fulfill your culinary dreams and take your gastronomic journey to the next level. Welcome to the future of mobile kitchens!

Mobile Küchencontainer

Specialist in renting

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  • Flushing units

  • Fridge/freezer units

  • ModularAccommodations 

  • Washing units

  • Shop units

  • Shower units

  • Toilet units

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