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Sleeping unit redefines temporary living. Our specially developed containers offer modern living comfort in flexible, modular units. Whether it's construction site accommodation, event camps or temporary living space solutions, sleeping units allow you to live comfortably and practically. Our containers are designed to provide space for two bedrooms for two people each, while ensuring maximum functionality and well-being. With Schlafunit, temporary living becomes a real experience.



Decide to purchase our sleeping units and benefit from efficient living units that meet your individual requirements. Rely on long-term quality and performance.



Use our sleeping units for temporary projects and events without making a long-term commitment. Enjoy high-quality living spaces exactly when you need them, without entering into lengthy commitments.


Financial lease

Explore our flexible leasing options for sleeping units and secure immediate access to living space solutions without high initial investments. Get the spaces you need with financial flexibility and minimal risk.

Product description

A sleeping unit offers spacious sleeping accommodation in a compact room format. With dimensions of 6.00 meters in length and 3.00 meters in width, this sleeping unit is extremely versatile.

Each sleeping unit has two separate bedrooms equipped with bunk beds. In addition, sinks with hot and cold water are available in every room. The sleeping units also offer sockets with USB ports, individually controllable heating, lockers and tilt and turn windows with roller shutters for a pleasant and safe atmosphere.

The insulated walls ensure privacy and comfort in every bedroom. Electric shutters and double glazed windows contribute to security and energy efficiency. Each unit has its own entrance door, double electrical outlets, USB ports and a linoleum floor for easy maintenance and hygiene. Additionally, smoke detectors are installed and the electric heating switches off automatically when doors or windows are opened.

For environmentally conscious solutions, we offer optional solar panels. Our sleeping units are the ideal choice for temporary living needs in a variety of situations, be it for events, workforce accommodation or other requirements where flexible and comfortable sleeping space is required.

  • 2 separate bedrooms with insulated walls.

  • Sink with closed boiler per bedroom

  • Electric shutters

  • Double glazed windows with a tilt and turn window

  • Extra window next to the entrance door

  • Own entrance door per unit

  • Double sockets

  • USB ports

  • Linoleum floor

  • Double locker per room 

  • lighting

  • smoke detector

  • Electric heater that switches off automatically when the door or window is opened

  • Optional solar panels


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