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Solar street lighting

Our solar-powered street lighting is revolutionizing urban lighting. Powered by the power of the sun, our solutions provide efficient, environmentally friendly and autonomous lighting for streets and paths. Integrating solar energy reduces energy consumption, reduces operating costs and helps create sustainable and safe urban environments.

Product description

Solarmast's solar-powered off-grid light towers are an efficient and sustainable solution for lighting streets, paths, parks and other public areas. These innovative lanterns use solar energy to operate independently of the grid and provide environmentally friendly lighting.


  • Solar powered: 
    Solarmast's lanterns are equipped with high-quality solar panels (efficiency >23%) that convert sunlight into electrical energy and store it in powerful batteries. This allows the masts to work autonomously and independently of the power grid, saving energy costs and reducing environmental impact.

  • Mains-independent lighting: 
    Thanks to the integrated energy storage, Solarmast light poles can light reliably even at night or on cloudy days. They offer a reliable lighting solution, even in remote areas or regions with inadequate electricity infrastructure.

  • High brightness and efficiency: 
    The light poles are equipped with energy-efficient LED lamps that provide bright and even lighting. The LEDs not only provide an increase in brightness, but also reduce energy consumption compared to traditional lighting systems, resulting in further cost savings.

  • Durable and low maintenance: 
    Solarmast light poles are constructed to be robust and weatherproof to withstand outdoor challenges. They are made with high quality materials and require minimal maintenance, further reducing operating costs.

  • Smart control options: 
    The light towers can be equipped with intelligent control systems to adjust lighting settings and optimize energy consumption. For example, they can be equipped with a programmable timer to automatically turn on the lighting when needed.

Solarmast's solar-powered off-grid light towers provide a reliable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective lighting solution for public areas. With their autonomous operation and brightness, they contribute to the safety, visibility and attractiveness of streets and paths while minimizing the ecological footprint.

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